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Prof. Maike Oergel BASF Lecture on Britain, Germany and Brexit: The Legacy of the 19th-Century 'Germanic'

Tuesday, 09 March 2021 18:30–20:00 in UK [19:30-21:00 in EU]

Free Online Event. Click here to register.

The lecture traces the emergence of the ‘Germanic’ as a term and idea, investigates its uses in the historical narratives of ‘Germanic’ identities in 19th-century Britain and Germany, and reflects on how the ideas of Germanic liberty and a common European heritage were deployed to tell the (national) identity stories that still preoccupy us today: Germany as the ‘heart of Europe’ and Britain as the ‘cradle of democracy’. The lecture explores the common origin of German and British interest in the Germanic and the different and multifaceted interpretations of it in each country, which, in the 19th-century, were based on a firm belief in a shared legacy.

The BASF Lecture is hosted by the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations

Anglo-German Exchange of Ideas / Gemütliche Ideenaustausch

Thursday, 09 March 2021, 18:00–20:00 in UK [19:00-21:00 in EU]

Please join us for an exchange of ideas.

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